The Concept

Change your labels, change your world

The BoosterJots concept is to tap into the innate wisdom in every child and empower that child to make creative choices regarding necessary medical treatments. This calls on children to be active participants in their care.

With BoosterJots:

A child is encouraged to actively participate in his or her care.

So many choices are taken from a child who needs chronic, on going medical treatments. That is especially true when a child needs to be hospitalized. Giving a child choices, even the smallest choices, about their care helps give that little person back a small piece of control. Having a choice is empowering no matter what your age.

At the deepest level, choice aligns our inner life force with external treatment. This gives the healing process an exponential boost.

This matters because it reveals where the child is really at with their care and what’s going on in their lives.

An example of this was when Anne, who is five, created her first BoosterJots label. When asked what she would like to receive with her treatments she wrote safety. She came up with this completely on her own and it was revealed only because we asked, and made the space and time for her to check in with herself. Based on her label, as a caregiver, I now know that this little one is longing to feel safe. Knowing this, I can do my best to incorporate aspects of safety into her treatments either with a hug, or asking her what would help her to feel safe during her treatment. Going further with this example, when Anne makes the label and sees it on her medicine she also gets some assurance that what she needs is there with her medicine.

Getting emotional needs met is an important part of the fulfillment of care.

Each child creates his or her own unique label to complement their prescribed medicine.

This is part of specializing each child’s care. They can then receive the maximum benefit and be on board with their treatments in a way that feels special or necessary to them. The act of actually creating a label for their treatments, based on their unique perspective and desires, invites them to be an important part of their care. Identifying and naming their needs is also an important part of health and will help them to grow from their experiences.

Children can incorporate joy into their care.

Being in the hospital or having home treatments can be scary, but children have a natural instinct for joy. Creating a BoosterJots label opens the door for play to be a part of treatments. The labels are a tool for shifting the experience of treatment from fear into one of possibility and growth. Play and joy are being proved more and more as important tools for healing.

We tap into imagination, one of our most important aspects of being human.

Remember the power of the placebo affect. If we believe we are taking Fairy Dust into our bodies, at some level, we really are. Kids know this already. They know magic. BoosterJots lets them show us that they are capable partners in their own healing process.