How to Use



Create your label.

Keep it simple at first!
One of our favorite go to labels is LOVE.
Who couldn’t use a little dose of love after all?

What would you like to incorporate into your treatment?
Remember: You get to decide here.

Let your creativity flow.
What do you need today?
Maybe it’s “hope”.
Maybe it’s “giggles” or “magic”.
Maybe it’s “super powers”.

What would you like to remind yourself of or call into your experience?
Maybe it’s “appreciation” or “gratitude”.
Maybe it’s the smile someone gave you while eating ice cream.
Maybe it’s simply being “alive”.

Close your eyes and feel into it. It only takes a moment.



Put your label anywhere that you can see it and be reminded of what you’d like to incorporate into your treatment.

BoosterJots labels have been used on:

  • IV bags
  • pill bottles
  • boxes
  • carriers
  • medical equipment
  • testing equipment
  • syringe carriers
  • bandages
  • PICC line dressings
  • sharps bins
  • lunch boxes

The possibilities are endless.

Be sure you don’t cover important safety information on medication or machinery labeling.



This is the part where you sit back and take-in your intention for this time.

Let yourself really fill up with whatever your heart desires.

Drink deep